Monday, June 20, 2016

Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks.. Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on

Happy and delighted with the joys and pains of growth, happy and delighted with the daily gifts to share again. Mountains to climb, valleys  to cross, in the woods , over the seven seas, for the seasons to dance and dream in the sun. Good times in the wows, in the parts of daddy still. Mother in house, how many kids, to fall in the snow for fun? Happy and sad for the good times alone in your bed. Daddy for how many summer trips? Not summer yet, have to wait and see, how green is the grass inside of the sense, faces to changes, songs in the winds, queens and queers, songs in the night.

Tales of lovers, stories of sinners, tales of jackasses, spiders and snakes, works of art, words of love, words of hate, coins to flip, dances in the dark. Tales in red lights, horns and halos, horns to sound, red lights to shine, tales of hats to wear. Wigs and caps, hats and horns, sheep and goats, songs of joys, peace of dreams, drama and dances, with snakes and frogs. Queens of the night, red and hot, faces of ages, angels in the wings, hot and cold, coins to flip, light and darkness, black and red, colors to fires, hopes in wood. Dazes in darkness, devils with horns, gates of lovers to pass, ships in the night, bumps in the road, bums and dogs. .

Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks.....Lovers and haters, hats and horns, stories of wigs and caps to heads, gifts taken, hares to woods, snakes and worms, in the grass, dates on the side of the roads. Snakes and worms, dinner every night, food to live, big and small, people will do, not here, just a nice shot. Lovers and snakes in the grass, dances in the woods, dances with snakes, dinner to eat, facts and fiction, pictures online, stories to share. Red Hoods: Black Notice: Time alone, girl in red hood, back from the woods, in the shadows, back on edge of life. Time to reflect, tricked and pimped, love and devotion, earth angels in red hoods, trips in the woods. Snakes

 In Grass, Out For Lunch. Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks..Free rides, free trips to hell and back, third party views, history to note. The bird that got away. California beaches, sunny in the fun, American Toad, Jewish Rites. Time of our lives, good times, classes on the sands of time. Wolves for friends, into the woods, in to the dark, songs to sing. Seven Snakes, or the Prince of Frogs, Jackass leader of pack of mules, burros, and donkeys. Super Sluts, Jewish Bisexual Jarrot Army 2016: Steers and queers, on that side of the family, Cuban transplants, Paul and Sima Jarrot, weeks before the bun- Steven Jay Jarrot, was born an American Toad. Frogs, Toads, of Jackasses, that you pick. Thieves, liars, and truths and honesty comes in shades of white lies, red lies, ugly lies, and half truths. Witty, Weird, Wizards, Wining Ways, Owls Sites. Daily Journey.....Paths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists And Turns.

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 Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks.. Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on....Fairy tales, girls with red hoods, lost in the woods, tales of rides with snails, gifts of tales to teach. Stories with hard knocks, ships to sail, dreams in motions, dances on the sands of time. Lights on, stars out to shine, dreams in drama, dreams to float, tales to spin. Red and bright, stars to shine, girls in red and black dress, dances for the rites, dances in the rain, dances with frogs and snakes. Games to play, fingers to the hands, talks to the moving palms, balls in the air, jacks and balls in a bag, jokes to play. 

Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on….Just a note or two for the lost, for the confused, for the homeless earth angels today, for the smiles for the joys and pains of life in a blue state of mind. Songs to sing about the bumps in the road, the mad dogs, the dick freaks with oral skills on the beach.

 Whales on land, Jarrot Freaks and Whales 2015, gifts to share for the cum and the tasteful pleasures of the frogs, and the fake friends.

Girl with magic powers, to write the wrongs, songs to sing, songs to write, happy dazes again, lights on, shinning bright. Happy dazes again, glory dazes done, classes on the beache, love and hate, goats and sheep, horns to blow, horns on a goat. 

Happy songs to hear on the radio, what are you going to do with your life, have fun. Just fun in all the things that you do, just fun for the girls, just fun for the trips to the heavens, trips to hell and back.

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