Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dancing Dreams, Giant Knights, Good Times:Shooting Curses,

Lots to draw, seas of dreams, lovers and haters, ways to play. Hits and misses, classes of fish in the seas, classes of sharks, classes of wales, hits and misses, lovers and haters. Tales in sex, times of joys and madness, dances on time, dances on the sands of time....Dancing Dreams, Giant Knights, Good Times...Snakes, Frogs, Dogs, Dicks, Worms On The Run: Steven And Kids: Rachel, Sima, Charlie, Sheri Jarrot. Cheap Tricks. 

THE GREATEST ROCK BALLADS (non stop mix)Games to play all day, games to play with spiders and snakes, nomads  under the surfaces, freaks out at night. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and indians. Persistence."Nothing in the would can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men (and women), with talents. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."---Calvin Coolidge- Holiday Cheers: Good Times: Shows Ponys Also:Horse and Pony... Refection Notes: Notes along the way, paths chosen for the day, seasons and causes over time. Notes to me, notes to myself, notes to the child in touch. Classes and lessons, on love and defeat, love and devotion, chances to take. Love and hate, horns of a goat, better than a mule, happy for the goat image. Jokes and laughs, better today, to hope, to hold on: Pain ends. Turning the pages, flipping the cards, joys in pleasures, tips to share. The time of our lives, the best is yet to come. Dances in the dark, dances in the rain, great day to be alive. Goodness and mercy, angels in host, a to memento to test, water after the races. Land Braves: Dreams in action, dances on the beach, dances in the dark. Stars high, stars low, stars and stripes, American Birds. Boats and planes, land of dreams, lands of the bright and blue. Time of our lives, the best is yet to come, songs to sing. Happy times, joys and pains, tricks to trade. Notes of the dead birds, tales of the military dead, bones in a box. Tales told on seven seas, sailors and navy seals, trips by water. Bitches, and babes, on big birds, lovers of sailors blue. Colors of the rainbows, colors of the greens, colors of the flags, tips and tales. Dances in the rain, dances on the beach, dead and brave sailors tells. Peace in the lands, American Birds to protect, doves with olive branch, signs of land. Bibles and saints, lions and dinner, snakes and frogs to fry. Fires on the boats, fires on seas, dead fish and frogs. Thanks so much, gifts given, for the red, white and blue. American birds, American fights, birds and bees in the sky. Tips on new moon, out tonight, new moon for the night every night. Notes to self, stars bright tonight, wishes on stars, blue shoot stars. Goodness and mercy angel friends, earth angels, fairies with pixies, for the kids. The young at heart kids, older, mature, and retire. Ghosts to daily rat races, work at a job done, cash on retirement in hand, to grow and expand. Joys in the morning , peace and understanding, daily journey an adventure. Happy dazes again, peace and love by the seas, with a touch of understanding, with a hand out to forgive the sins of yesterday, the pain and the hurt created, the stories, the tips the tweets, the pictures of truths and honesty from one point of view. More than one view to share the mistakes, the misunderstanding, the lessons learned from the lasting impressions made in the past year or two, maybe a life time in the past. Flip the coins, flip the cards, lessons for the poker players here and now, changes to the game in place. Dreams of a lifetime bigger than the mistakes of love and devotion, of a man and a woman, and the bumps in the road. Changes and chances are tools of the trades of the world, used a lot of time in ways different for the people that act on deeds of kindness or deeds for a personal agenda.

Enough for the Charmed: Happy Holidays 2016. 7608512267. Steven Jarrot: 7605643510-to date men on down low..Dusty Wells. Tristan-boy toy, hits and misses, not Jewish, date one or two, short guys. Dicks and dogs, tricks and charms to trade, cash for the RV, lots of shit in a bag to share. Lights out for one or two, freaks, snakes and frogs, kissed back in the daze. Dancing Dreams, Giant Knights, Good Times:Shooting Curses,

----Classes over. Shooting Curses,Pack Lions:Monkeys see and monkeys do....Charmer snake in the grass? Steven Jarrot:7605643510-to date men on down low:Secert gay lifestyle to party and play away to the death. Family fuck fest thurdays in December. Party and play today?7608512267?7607778998?7603601613? 83458 Tropical Whisper Court, Indio, Ca. 92201..RACHEL JARROT. BUTCH, and buffs, wide-ass: Super-Freaks Sheri, Sima, Charles R., and Jacqueline Jarrot, party and play together for happy dazes as asses still. Dancing Dreams, Giant Knights, Good Times:Shooting Curses.

Let’s think of our digestive system as a juicer, body toxins as fruit waste, agni as juicer blades and energy as juice. If the juicer blades are weak, less juice is generated and there is more of fruit waste left. Similarly when this agni (juicer blade) is weak, there is not enough digestive power to metabolise food into energy(juice).The result? More toxins(fruit waste) are accumulated in the cells. Thus a stronger agni (better juicer blades) is required for a good digestive system. An easy way to support digestive agni is through Yoga.Yoga couples exercises with rhythmic breathing. Breathing brings life force into the body and cleans the body of toxic materials formed due to wrong diet, unhealthy lifestyle & accumulated stresses. It improves agni, creates body balance and longevity rejuvenating the whole system.

Home in hills of Riverside,donkeys in the hills, jackasses dead-Jarrots, Charley, and Jean Paul Jarrot. Happy Holidays 2016: 7608512267.Enough for the Charmed. Broken Dreams, Wings Broken 2....Broken Harts, Roses Red: Shooting Curses.----Classes over. Shooting Curses,Pack Lions:Monkeys see and monkeys do....Dancing Dreams, Giant Knights, Good Times:Shooting Curses,

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