Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Birds And Bees, Fairy Tales, Cats To Rats, Running Dimes.

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Tales Told, Frogs And Snakes, Cum Suckers, Rach Jay And Steven Jarrot....Depending on the reason for it the mind process, and if it goes that far, and if you are killing time, or if you are out of time. It is just about time and space in the world of most, as long as it is day time, you will be able to get there. It may not be at a set time, or it could be with a window of time to work within, just because they may be other factors to consider as well.

Dead and done, coins to flip, up and down, sinners and saints, cards to flip, donkeys to dances. Tales of lovers, stories of test, time on earth, wheels to rolls, tips online, history created. Tales of views, pies in the sky, chasing rainbows, waters to fall, pages to write, pages to turn, love and hate, classes to do. Classes of snakes, classes of frogs, classes of rats, rates to go up, stories to be told, birds to sing, dimes to drop, tales written again, over the sands of time. Rats racing forever, roads to greatness, roads to fame, death to the dramas, death to a day. 

Pornography Historian, Tales Told, Tails In Air....Pieces of a dream, Kindness Church, full of peace and understanding, goodness and mercy angels for of love, peace, and joys. Wishes, prayers, desires out for rewards, dances  on the beach. Beds alone, dreams in color, best dazes yet to come, songs to sing. Stronger now, was not killed with snakes and land whales.Out of the darkness of the dens of snakes, back to bake on the beach. Happy notes, time spent in hell, hanging on a dogwood  tree. Stronger for the classes on love and devotion, in the first attempts in learning, practice to perfection not to fail, good times....Red Lights, Red Moons, Angels With Fires.

Joy and pain, bumps in the road, trips to hell and back, time on the cross, over and done, angels in the air, angels in hosts, angels out to save the lost. Veterans without houses, deeds and actions, love and hate, hands to help, hands to lead the way, ways to grow, ways to expands, ways to get back up and stand. Lucky dazes, sunny dazes, dazes on the right side of the grave, hats and horns, cheers for another day on earth. To get this right, three lefts to get back to square one, dazes in darkness, dazes in shames, dazes with dances with snakes and wolves.

Dogface butterflies, birds to fly away. Lessons on love and hate, classes to share, tales and tips, bumps in the road, ways to go, on the roads to greatness, songs to sing, birds in dogwood trees, good treats, tales told. Horns to sound, donkeys fucked, in the hills, in the valley, in Upland, CA, Sheri and Rach Jay, Sima and Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, to date. Cheaters and Liars, Crooks and Robbers, Jewish Wide-Loads, Fat Fags, Dykes To date. Glory holes open, faces to change, suckers for life, life of a fag, whales on land, snakes in grass, frogs 2.

Joy and laughter, tales on the beachesJoy and laughter, tales on the beaches
Jokers to the right and clowns to the left, stuck in the middle with better stories to get older and wiser as a giant. Gifts to share, the joys and pains in learning the first time, English is fine for me. Jokes about being stupid, born the day when fresh stupid was out, had to use day old stupid instead, those people lose  ground daily. Stupid can not be fixed, stupid have hard times with formal English, not able to understand to fail, is to learn, first attempts in learning, only the Hence and dumb would ask for  English  instead. Okay to you? Clear as mud for me, the level of hard knocks was unknown for frog.

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