Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dames And Dances, Looks And Charms, Dances For Wits.

Hot dogs, eat them while hot, games on the water, ducks to float, water off the backs of dicks and frogs. Good time, happy notes, ships to sail, glory holes open, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lots of fingers in the air, mouths open wide, dicks to suck, gang bangs, lots of haters. Lots of lovers, lots of laughs, dances on the water, ships of dreams to sail. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of laughs, rabbits and dicks, dogs in the house, trails to run. Games with balls, balls in the air, games on land, games to see. Jokes and laughs, lots of love, hats to wear, ears to horns. Goats and sheep, fun and games, songs to sing, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes done, faces in the mirror.

 Happy and delighted with the joys and pains of growth, happy and delighted with the daily gifts to share again. Mountains to climb, valleys  to cross, in the woods , over the seven seas, for the seasons to dance and dream in the sun. Good times in the wows, in the parts of daddy still. Mother in house, how many kids, to fall in the snow for fun? Happy and sad for the good times alone in your bed. Daddy for how many summer trips? Not summer yet, have to wait and see, how green is the grass inside of the fence.

  1.  Truthful and honesty just punch lines to share in the jokes told around the fires on the sand and surf, beaches to love all over the world. Happy and gay lifestyle fine for the tricks, trades and exchanges done in the RV camping, for the cash, gas and ass desired for a better life. Cum for the tasteful pleasures to share, tales of the insane people that want something for nothing. Nothing free, tricks or trades done for the goods and services you use daily noted for the freaks out at night. Fun and games to share with the frogs, snakes, cows and cattle, jokes on you and how you are done and over for the smiles of the forms of crazy you are. Fools, clowns and jokers of the fun and games, when you party and play life away in Upland for the cattle crossing. Homeless Nightmares: Veterans Paths: dream that you wish will come true.With a friend, you can solve any problem.

    Dream life to share of the questions on who is the expert with oral skills, Sheri or Rachel to follow Steven Jarrot? 7605643510 dreams made in heaven? Devils or saints, flip the coins on the butches, bitches and whales in this tribe of freaks that party and play in RV of course. Home on wheels for the frogs with drugs to trade, move everyday stay await from the Bacon Boys, saints and sinners, for the sex, for the drugs and the nice people that are fools or buffalo?Homeless Nightmares: Veterans Paths: dream that you wish will come true.With a friend, you can solve any problem.
  2. 7608512267...with 7605643510-Steven Jarrot,jokes-Rocky/Rotten/Jarrot , "fat boy",7608512267-

 Faces of Rachel G. Jarrot, faces of frogs, faces of snakes, butches, and bitches, no brains, lots of free rides instead. Hits and misses, hag 2., mother Sheri Jarrot, hag 1, grandmother, Sima Jarrot, La Quinta queer. Not the queen of England, Cuba maybe, better than kids, better than Mexicans and blacks 2. Dong and shit, flowers to smell, dung for other, not for cows to call home. Dreams: Stories, Tips, Homes, Houses, Homeless Nightmares: Veterans Paths: dream that you wish will come true.With a friend, you can solve any problem.

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Dances with snakes, dances in the grass, dances done for the last time, pictures states, last day on earth as a human, next stage, snake in grass.  Stone Angels, Shadows Dances: Gardens Of Snakes: Hard Knocks : Hackers and crooks, dicks to suck, suckers to cum, frogs and fish, land whales, dates on land. Good times on sidelines, RV campers, hackers and monkeys to swing, jokes and laughs online.  Toms. Doctors, Harry Dicks, Dicks Wonders, George Benson and sons. Charles R. Jarrot, CROOKS SINCE AGE 14, stole $160,000 one day, buy in to schools of hard knocks, cash, credit or coins dated in collections. 

 Flies on shit, flies on sacks of shit, daily gifts from the gods, Steven Jarrot, seven snakes alive, 7608512267, pages to turn, next picture of him, plenty to share, snakes and frogs in grass. Gods to family, sinner or saints, to roll over in boxes of bones, today or moot. Filled with bones in a box, sunshine and bright lights, to the left side. Graves to you, faves to me, good times.

Nightmares, hell hounds out, ugly or not, pretty  feet, to dances away from the freaks, gifts to share, good times. Write and rites, horse and pony shows, cowboys jacks and bag, boy games to play. Snakes And Worms, History Recorded, Frogs Army Notes To Take. Dates to write, dates to live, dates on the right side of the lights, trips to hell not right, lessons learned the first time. Love and hate, joys and pains, monkeys to dodge, trips to grandmother house. Girls in red hood, girls with purple hair, trips to the moon and back. Crazy Notes On Skin, Happy Dazes Again, sites to see, trips to hell and back, the best is cum in dogs, dances on the beach. Freaks and frogs out, cattle to roam home, Up... more »

Time to stand, time to make a little noise, history on the water. California surfers, history of the sands of time, history of riding the waves, California dreams, dreams on the water. Fish and frogs, girls and guys, lovers and haters, sheep and goats, horns to blow, good times. Cheers for the sun, cheers for the day, cheers for the life on the beaches. Sunny and bright, dazes in the sun, surfers and the sands, dances in the water, dances to do. Rats to races, games on the water, joys and pains, riding the waves, dogwood butterflies in the sky. Earth angles, angels to see, sunny and bright, dances on the sands of time.

Red Lights, Red Moons, Angels With Fires...Balls In Air, Goods Out Steven Jarrot, sex games, roles to play, movie parts, good times, party and play, dicks in line, 7608512267. Dates set, all the time, veterans to rob blind, did it more than once, history recorded, tales told, tales written, good times, holiday cheers, happy bitches, happy dykes, happy frogs. Time to stand, plenty of fish in the seas, movies to make, porn sluts, faces in asses, cum on their faces, day job, cum to play, poker players, cards on the table, bets to place, coins to flip ...
Tales of love and hate, haters to date, snakes in grass, lies to tell, fingers to point, blame games, all the time, lions to faces. Gifts to share, the mouse without a house, the sharks and the whales at play, sands of time, waves on the seven seas, tales to tell. Sinners and saints, views and noses, history to share, faces for noses in the air. ..Intelius - 1 Profile found for Steven Jarrot in Ventura, CA. Steven Jarrot seven snakes: 7608512267: Dick Jarrot, Jay ...

Leader of Pack Wolves: Steven Jarrot 7608512267. | Frogs ...Lucky Dates, 333 Lucky Numbers, Red Hearts Battles......Pieces of a Dream - 

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  1. Man In Blue, Uncle Sam, Dances With Wolves, Hard Knocks Schools.
    Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks.....Lovers and haters, hats and horns, stories of wigs and caps to heads, gifts taken, hares to woods, snakes and worms, in the grass, dates on the side of the roads. Snakes and worms, dinner every night, food to live, big and small, people will do, not here, just a nice shot. Lovers and snakes in the grass, dances in the woods, dances with snakes, dinner to eat, facts and fiction, pictures online, stories to share. Red Hoods: Black Notice: Time alone, girl in red hood, back from the woods, in the shadows, back on edge of life. Time to reflect, tricked and pimped, love and devotion, earth angels in red hoods, trips in the woods.