Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lovers and Haters, Lions And Goats, Dinners For Trades.

Love and hate, lions to roars, lions to tell, horns to sound, laughs and jokes, good times to share. Gates are open, windows and doors, hopes to hops, gifts to take, stories to tell, lions on top of the world. Food chains, love and hate, goats and sheep, food for dinner, lots of love. Faces in mirrors, lions and sheep, goats and horns, love and hate, sounds in the air, love and haters. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, rays of light, sunny and bright, tips and tales, love in the air. 

Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams, Wings Broken 2....Broken Harts, Roses Red Notes, Flowers Tips...Black and white matters, happy dazes again, tips to share, glory days done. Turns and bumps in the road, paths taken for the lessons on the way, classes on love and hate, classes on the beaches, classes on the sands of time. Happy Valentine day,  every day, happy birthdays also, friends and frogs with hearts, new lovers and dates on the sands of time, have so much to say, and have said it once...Hoping Hills: Wonderful day on earth, thankful still for gifts of present, another day on the right side of the grave. Why wait for the rain to stop?Learn how to dance in the rain, it raining, and it pouring . Blue note, blue lights, specials of the young... more »

Fairy tales, girls with red hoods, lost in the woods, tales of rides with snails, gifts of tales to teach. Stories with hard knocks, ships to sail, dreams in motions, dances on the sands of time. Lights on, stars out to shine, dreams in drama, dreams to float, tales to spin. Red and bright, stars to shine, girls in red and black dress, dances for the rites, dances in the rain, dances with frogs and snakes. Games to play, fingers to the hands, talks to the moving palms, balls in the air, jacks and balls in a bag, jokes to play.

Black Knights, Angels White, Sunshine Shots

Dances in the winds, dances in the dark, dances with wolves, angels out, see the views of love and hate, blue lights in the winds. Tips of love and hate, horns to sound, goats and kids, cows and snakes, frogs in the water. Knights to dream of, good guys, sinners and saints, out for the later rights. Love and hate, knights on quest, trips to the desert, promises to make. Good times, turning pages, writing books, blogs, reviews of family history, tales of life. Masks On: Jokes online, lots of laughter, laughs out load,lots of luck, with your good looks. Third party views, fail to learn, have to do over again, classes on love and hate, sheep and goats, horns to sound, horns to blow... more »

On one hand, games with words, games with ideas, games of lovers to start. Have to say that you asked for it all. Angel on earth, angels in the air, ages of angels all around, hands out to lend a hand. Angels in me, angels in you, angles of angels to test the waters. Love to start today, butterflies to trees, dogwood trees, to hang around, Jesus Christ died on one. Monkeys around the mulberry trees, and the dogwood trees in the woods. I write out of my pain, I write out of my sorrows, words to lead the way, words written for the history. Have so many things to say, having a hard time stay on a time chart. Have to stop so often, do not feel like I am getting anything done. Would love to have someone believe in me, that wanted to help me alone the way, to grow and expand, and be my cheer leader, it is so hard to do. Have so many dreams to work on, I am a fish, born this month, born on the day of rebirth, can start over on a drop of a dime, is what I like to believe, and wanted to share with you. Have to say, that it would surprise me, if you would address the things that I have written, that would be wonderful. Still have a dream about that.....cowboy in white hate, comes with guns out to save the woman, to ride into the sunset, bright future together, have a castle for a house, in Italy or France, have a housing plan to work on.....

Rats and nice pets, mouse or cat, games to play, lights on, snakes and rats to run. Maybe not, frogs and snakes for fruits and nuts, rats in the house. Mice to play. Rats and snakes, tricks to check, lights to dinner, cat and mouse games, pest or pets, in the country, food for some. Catcher Lubed: Steven Jarrot, Suck Dicks For Friends, Free for Tricks, Rachellyn1010, Rachel  Butch, Rachel  Jarrot  also. The  pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a dream come true, and most people think it is an end to a story for kids. Calm Seas and Blue SkiesSerpents, Reptiles, Jewish White Stars, Lights OSnakes, Vipers, Serpents in the dens? Flip the Coin: Butterflies Out

Fag Colors Wigs wore only $6000 in Beverly Hills, have herds of prey to pay. Danny George, or Lissa the mental veteran, and the others that like daddy mouth on them. My daddy is the cum lord of cragslist every night. Wigs on, wigs daily cap. Drop out, cash cow for food, eats while sleeping. Habits runs in herds of frogs, freaks, and buffalos. Good times, the middle, jokers to the right. Life partner, dream mate?WORDS OF A JACKASS: STEVEN jARROT:7603601613: Party and play with a dick or two, order for the night..THANK GOD ...STILL CUM DUMP HERE DICKS OR CHICKS 7608512267: TODAY.... more »

Class Whales Hard knocks for lessons in love and devotion, life for love, love and hate horns of a goat. Tales to share, lessons in classes on the beach. Grass growing in the fields in Italy. Greetings to Tall Trees, the tree hugger from New York City, great life back in time. Happy and blue flipping coins. Thanks for kids, tips on trips to hell, kindness and mercy shared. Lights on part of the time is dandy and fine. Time is a wheel, and time does not stop for looks, charms or grasses that are greener for the cattle, bison, and buffs around and around the wheels turns, and the whee... more »Year Of Monkey, Cars, Stars, Frogs, Uncle Sams.

Angels To Seas, Frogs And Snakes In The Water, Rocks To Waves. Ways to grow, ways to rocks and waves, ships to sail. Ships of frogs, ships of fools, ships to dreams, dances on the sands of time.

Joy and laughter, tales on the beachesJoy and laughter, tales on the beaches

Jokers to the right and clowns to the left, stuck in the middle with better stories to get older and wiser as a giant. Gifts to share, the joys and pains in learning the first time, English is fine for me. Jokes about being stupid, born the day when fresh stupid was out, had to use day old stupid instead, those people lose  ground daily. Stupid can not be fixed, stupid have hard times with formal English, not able to understand to fail, is to learn, first attempts in learning, only the Hence and dumb would ask for  English  instead. Okay to you? Clear as mud for me, the level of hard knocks was unknown for frog.

Season done and the choices made are the ones that count, ashes to ashes, bones in a box, sad day for the clans gather at the graves of the dead and lifeless, November 2, 2014: The day of the Dead: Happy dazes on the left side of the grave. No more life to talk about while undead and unstable, a group of hell hounds, or vamps in training, for a flip side of the coin, and a different view on the same group of Jewish white joy kills, too self-serving, too self centered, to bend and twisted, with truth and honesty as punch lines. Sad story again.

Joy and pain, bumps in the road, trips to hell and back, time on the cross, over and done, angels in the air, angels in hosts, angels out to save the lost. Veterans without houses, deeds and actions, love and hate, hands to help, hands to lead the way, ways to grow, ways to expands, ways to get back up and stand. Lucky dazes, sunny dazes, dazes on the right side of the grave, hats and horns, cheers for another day on earth. To get this right, three lefts to get back to square one, dazes in darkness, dazes in shames, dazes with dances with snakes and wolves.

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